How to present like a master using the FOUR C.

The talk

Presentations are (and always will be) a crucial part of business communication. Unfortunately it isn't something that a lot of companies invest in, hence why there are a lot of bad presentations and presenters in the business world today. 

"Delivering a bad presentation is the equivalent to cracking a bad or offensive joke at a dinner party, and then not getting invited back ever again."

In this talk I teach people the four simple steps to planning, designing, and delivering the best presentations possible. These four steps are what I call The FOUR C (Queue Starwars theme tune).

I have developed these four steps during my 15 years as a presenter, presentation designer, coach, and trainer. These are also the steps that my team of designers use when working with new customers to build award winning presentations at The Prezenter.

With your audience I'll cover a range of topics including:

  • Setting your presentation objectives
  • Using the 7 story plots to frame content
  • Deciding which visual tool to use
  • New presentation skills for todays On-Demand audience 

Here is a brief intro to the FOUR C that I rolled out at the beginning of 2018.

The objective

My objective is really simple...Get your business presenting better!

Once your business understands how to embrace the FOUR C approach to presenting they will all see a huge improvement in audience engagement and their own confidence as presenters.

The results

Lots of people who have attended my FOUR C talk report a marked improvement in the standard of their presentations. More importantly, because people understand the simple approach to getting great results they also feel much more at ease with the thought of delivering a presentation. Something that normally scares the life out of most people!

The results for your business will ultimately be better relationships with new prospects, new business wins, and a confidently presented company image from all of your presenters.

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