How to visualise data and ditch bullet points.

The talk

  • Bullet
  • points
  • don't
  • work!

We all know the bullet points are a terrible way of communicating in presentations, but unfortunately most of us blast our audiences with them every time we present!

This is normally down to the simple fact that people who don't consider themselves 'creative' just don't have the confidence to try anything different, and they certainly don't have the time to find out how todays amazing presentation tools can help them be more visual without the need for a design degree.

In this talk I make everybody in your business realise the importance of good visual communication, and show them some simple tools and techniques that will help them engage more, inspire more, and sell more, when presenting in business.

The objective

The overarching objective of the whole talk is to inspire your business to think more creatively about how they present dry data, and to give them the confidence that they can be creative.

During the talk I show the audience some very simple design principles that can be applied to all presentations, and also some very easy to use design features and tools that they probably aren't aware of. All of this is with the simple objective of giving them the confidence that they can make their own great looking presentations even if they don't consider themselves a 'creative type'.

I also make people aware of the fact that bullet points are not a good way to communicate when presenting, and they'll have the know-how they need to avoid them for good!

The results

From this talk you will see a marked improvement in how staff communicate to customers, to prospects, and internally to each-other.

Whilst I can't hold my hands up and say 'It was all because of me', many companies I've worked with do report that they managed to win pitches and tenders by simply applying the visualisation methods I've showed them in their presentations.

From delivering this talk to your business you'll have an army of aspiring creatives who aren't scared to turn dry data into meaningful visuals, and don't start presentations by blasting their slides with bullet points.

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