Speaking of creativity

As an experienced designer, presenter, and entrepreneur I have good insight into how creativity can 'flow and grow' into all area's of business. Below are a few of the key presentations I give to organisations looking to benefit from the power of creativity.


PRESENT like a master - use the four c

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. They can make or break your next career move, they can ignite your exciting new business venture or bring it to a grinding halt. Every gadget, household object, or social movement started its life as an idea. The ones that have become main stream are the ones that were communicated in an engaging and memorable way. Not with hundreds of unnecessary PowerPoint slides, and not with an endless list of bullet points.

In this presentation and accompanying workshop, I’ll show you how any idea can be supercharged and delivered in the most memorable way possible using a simple four step approach to presenting. There’s no need for expensive design software, no need to study for a design degree, just simple use of story and visuals plus good delivery.


Achieve your goals - BECOMe a creative action taker

Whether you're a C level executive, aspiring business person, student, or bankrupt and jobless, one thing we all share is that we have goals. It doesn't matter if you are trying to change the world, or just trying to change your own life situation, we all aspire to bigger and better things.

Sometimes just taking action towards your goals isn't enough to succeed. 

In this talk I'll show you how mixing creativity with action taking can set you on the path to creating the things you want. There are thousands of examples from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders that show great success comes from thinking in different ways, taking new approaches to problems, and not being afraid to take action in a creative way.


lose the tie - how to nurture creativity in your business

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