I love to work with my clients to develop bespoke presentations that are centred around the subject of creativity in business. Below are a few of my most popular 'off the shelf' talks that help explain my focus, and they can also be adapted to suit your needs.


nurture creativity in your business

In this talk I help everyone in your business understand that our brains are all wired to be visual and think in a non-linear way. Because of this we all have the ability to be creative, explore and develop new ideas, solve problems, and much more.

I introduce everyone in your business to the concept of design thinking and explain how it can be adopted by everyone from all departments and isn't just a tool for 'designers'.


Present like a master. use the four c

In this talk I teach people the four simple steps to planning, designing, and delivering the best presentations possible. These four steps are what I call The FOUR C (Queue Starwars theme tune).

I have developed these four steps during my 15 years as a presenter, presentation designer, coach, and trainer. These are also the steps that my team of designers use when working with new customers to build award winning presentations at The Prezenter.


Visualising data & ditching bullet points

  • Bullet

  • points

  • don't

  • work!

In this talk I make everybody in your business realise the importance of good visual communication, and show them some simple tools and techniques that will help them engage more, inspire more, and sell more, when presenting in business.