The story so far

I came out of the womb wondering what Pantone colour was on the wall of the hospital room. Since then I've been on a quest to develop and grow my creativity, and to help others unlock theirs as well. But creativity can only get you so far! To  have a big impact and make your own little dent in the world you need to have the guts to take action. Starting that new business, getting that promotion, developing that product to change the world, getting that new job, and so on. I believe all goals can be easily achieved with a combination of creativity and action. That's why I class myself as a 'Creative action taker' and now live a dam enjoyable life, running my own design agency with an amazing team, being able to get paid for something that I love, living with huge purpose and drive, and now getting to share how others can do that too.

The next step for me is this site that you're on right now. 

I'm now spreading my creative tentacles even more by delivering keynote speeches and running short workshops. The aim is to help business people from any sized organisation understand how to remove creative blockages from their organisation and themselves, nurture and develop creativity in themselves and all of their staff, and benefit from improved innovation, productivity, and growth.

If you want to inspire everyone in your business to be more creative then get in touch with me today.

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Do you need someone to speak to and inspire your team, your business, or your students. No crowd is to big or to small.

I focus on several subjects that can help create better visual storytellers, and an army of creative action takers  within your organisation.


Join one of my workshops and become a great visual story teller. We focus on presentation design, and new tools that can help you communicate your ideas like a creative master.


Right now I'm doing my best to set up a few UK workshops. Give me a shout if you've got an audience that needs me.

Here's what I'm doing on Instagram:

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