The pr*ck with the papers!

"Hey you", the neighbourhood bullies shouted. "Hey pr*ck with the papers" they said, referring to the large bag of newspapers I carried over my shoulder once a week on my gruelling paper round. Once again I ignored them and carried on with the job. You see I had a goal, and no amount of name calling was going to stop me from reaching that goal. What I didn't know is that aiming for what seemed a huge objective would spark one simple action from me that led to my lightbulb moment...

...if I get a little creative and take action, I can achieve exactly what I set out to do.

The quick video below explains all about that moment. If you'd rather read about it then its all documented here as well.


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Want to know more?

As explained in the video, my mission now is to spread creativity and willingness to take action far and wide. I hope to inspire entrepreneurs, students of all ages, business people, and anyone who wants to unleash their creative soul onto the world. I'm doing that by running my busy design studio where my awesome team help me spread creativity even further than I possibly could on my own, and I'm doing it by delivering talks and running workshops on creative action taking.

If you want to know how you can become a creative action taker then just reach out to me on the link below or go straight to my speaking and workshops pages of this site.